VLT® Micro Drive FC 51

The VLT® Micro Drive FC 51 is small and yet powerful and built to last. Panel space can be saved and installation costs reduced thanks to its compact size and minimal commissioning requirements.


Although extremely compact in size, the VACON® 20 is packed with functionality to help improve system performance and cost efficiency.


Cold Plate

VACON® 20 Cold Plate is an open-frame, cold-plate drive. It is designed to use any type of cooling available inside a customers’ installation and to operate reliably in demanding environments.


VACON® 20 X is a decentralized drive that can either be mounted directly onto a motor or very close by wherever it is located. Its outdoor enclosure protection ensures maximum performance in challenging conditions where heat, dirt and vibration levels are high.

VLT® Midi Drive FC 280

Reach new levels of performance with the VLT® Midi Drive FC 280, the evolution of the popular VLT® 2800 drive. Profit from new savings with a wide range of features designed to make installing, using and maintaining the AC drive as simple and as easy as possible.

VLT® HVAC Drive FC 102

Get even higher reliability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) in your heating, ventilation and air-conditioning (HVAC) installations, with this unique VSD optimized for building automation systems.

VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103

The VLT® Refrigeration Drive FC 103 is designed to help significantly reduce the lifecycle costs of your refrigeration systems. It offers efficiency- and reliability-enhancing features, integrated process control functions and a commissioning environment specially designed to meet the needs of refrigeration applications. It also features a setup Wizard which uses common refrigeration terms. This makes installation and commissioning easy and safe for refrigeration technicians and installers.


VACON® 100 FLOW is an AC drive that is dedicated to improving flow control and saving energy in industrial pump and fan applications.

VLT® AQUA Drive FC 202

The VLT® AQUA Drive is designed to provide the highest level of performance of AC-motor-driven water and wastewater applications. Featuring a wide range of powerful standard features, which can be expanded with performance-improving options, the drive is equally suited to both new and retrofit projects.

VLT® AutomationDrive FC 301 / FC 302

Built to last, this robust drive operates effectively and reliably even with the most demanding applications and in the most challenging environments.

VACON® 100 X

VACON® 100 X features highly advanced control capability for almost all kinds of applications where a decentralized and robust solution is the best option. All the power components, including harmonic filtering chokes, are built into one compact and robust unit. A single terminal box contains the control unit and all the drive’s wiring freeing up space elsewhere.

VLT® Lift Drive LD 302

The VLT® Lift Drive is designed to provide reliable operation and excellent ride comfort for a minimum of 2.1 million cycles when running at an ambient temperature of below 45°C. Ideal for new projects or for retrofits, it operates without motor contractors and can be quickly and easily commissioned in less than 10 minutes.

VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302

Designed for simplicity and robustness, the VLT® Decentral Drive FCD 302 is a user-friendly product with high performance and a strong protection degree.

VACON® NXP Air Cooled

VACON® NXP Air Cooled drives offer precision and power to applications that require a robust and dynamic performance. Available in a complete power range up to 2 MW, they are provided as wall-mounted, standalone enclosed and IP00 modules.


The enclosed VACON® NXC is the compact drive that performs reliably in harsh operating conditions in, for example, the mining, oil and gas or water and wastewater industries. The thermally managed enclosure extends drive lifetime and ensures trouble-free operation.

VACON® NXP Common DC Bus

The VACON® NXP range of common DC bus drive products includes a number of active front-ends, inverters and brake chopper units. They ensure all energy within a system is effectively utilized and redistributed.

VACON® NXP DC/DC Converter

o help improve performance by making better use of energy, energy storage is increasingly being introduced into systems to create hybrid solutions. Various storage methods are being used but, due to reductions in battery costs and increases in energy density, battery utilization is seen as being the fastest growing and more easily integrated storage medium available today. DC/DC converters can be used to connect to sources such as batteries, super capacitors, fuel cells and solar panels.

VACON® NXP Grid Converter

The VACON® NXP Grid Converter is an alternative source of marine power technology that plays a key role in reducing fuel intake and improving efficiency. It can be applied to power generation for ship engines and harbor power supplies to meet the demands of governments and port authorities.

VACON® NXP System Drive

The VACON® NXP System Drive is a comprehensive configured common DC bus drive line up for heavy-industry needs where round-the-clock activity is required leaving little time for maintenance.

VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled

With one of the best power/size ratios, VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled drives are ideal for applications where space is at a premium or air cooling is difficult. Heavy industries with harsh operating conditions, such as in marine, offshore and mining environments benefit from the drive’s compact design and robust reliability.

VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled Enclosed Drive

VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled drives are integrated in a sturdy enclosure making them ideal for a wide range of industries with harsh operating conditions.

VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled Common DC Bus

With one of the best power/size ratios, VACON® NXP Liquid Cooled drives are ideal for applications where space is at a premium or air cooling is difficult. Heavy industries with harsh operating conditions, such as in marine, offshore and mining environments benefit from the drive’s compact design and robust reliability.

VACON® 3000

Heavy duty industries face some of the most complex and competitive engineering environments on the planet. Your industry and your applications demand adaptability in MV drives, where reliability, robustness, space and weight are crucial – and downtime is a disaster.

VLT® DriveMotor FCP 106

For full flexibility in motor type, system design and energy efficiency, attach the standalone VLT® DriveMotor FCP 106 to your choice of induction motor or permanent magnet motor.

VLT® Integrated Servo Drive ISD® 510

The VLT® Integrated Servo Drive ISD® 510 is a high-performance decentral servo motion solution that comprises a central power supply VLT® Servo Access Box (SAB®), drive modules and cabling infrastructure. The motion control is integrated into the drive so that motion sequence can take place independently. This releases the central PLC and offers a highly flexible drive concept.

VLT® OneGearDrive®

The VLT® OneGearDrive® is a highly efficient, permanent magnet, three-phase synchronous motor coupled with an optimized bevel gear box which helps to optimize plant productivity and reduce energy costs.

VLT® Advanced Active Filter AAF 006

The VLT® Advanced Active Filter AAF 006 improves system efficiency and increases grid robustness to avoid downtime. It can compensate for individual drives or it can be installed as a compact standalone solution at a point of common coupling to compensate for several loads simultaneously.

VLT® and VACON® Legacy Drives


Here you’ll find a list of VLT and VACON drives that are no longer part of our active product portfolio.  You’ll still have access to the technical documentation for these products and our DRIVE Pro services continue to provide you with spare parts and services.

  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT)
  • Power Management System (PMS)
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC)
  • Drives System
  • HVAC System
  • Condition Monitoring (Vibration & Temperature)
  • Motor Controllers (DOL, FR, Y-Delta, Soft Starter & Reduce Voltage Auto Transformer)
  • Fire Detection Alarm and Control System
  • Automation
  • Project Management (PM)
  • Project Engineering & Design
  • Turn-key Projects
  • Predictive, Corrective & Preventive Maintenance
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Field Service/Support
  • Electrical Panel/Enclosure Fabrication
  • Motor Rewinding & Reconditioning
  • Industrial Controls Repair & servicing
  • Industrial Networking
  • Web Development
  • Software Development